Monthly Archives: March 2016

Isla’s Christening

The beautiful Isla was Christened recently with her family all invited.  The service was held in the ornate St Columba’s Church,  Longtower, Derry with tea and goodies in the newly opened Cherry Blossom cafe in The Heritage Centre in the church grounds.

Family gatherings are always a special time and a great time to get those much wanted family portraits.

The generations gathered for this special occasion and it was great to be part of the event.

Marie xx

Floral Beauty

Sometimes we need to move away from the things we do everyday.  I love taking photos of people and events, but sometimes I just like to be creative and capture nature.  I love flowers, the delicate petals and the way light reflects off them.  Just a simple spray with water can transform a flower, creating reflective surface which give the delicate petals a different dimension.  Finding a distraction in your everyday life makes your daily routine easier.  why not give it a go!!

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