The Harkin Family Shoot

Taking photographs always throws up some unexpected situations, which I love as it keeps me on my toes.  On a Gorgeous July evening I was at Fahan Pier, with the highest tide I have ever seen there, and Mario taking some shots of my niece. We arrived and took some portrait shots with Molly and her mum, my sis, did her usual chat away to anyone thing.  so next thing I know I am taking photos of a family who had just come to have a walk on the beach.  My sister started chatting to the Dad and in the converstion realised he had lived beside her husband for years and knew them very well.  He had moved away to America and had brought his family back to Ireland for a holiday.  What were the chances of them being both there that night.  I do believe in fate and of course it ended up in a mini shoot with them, after a long chat.

A beautiful family to talk to and photograph, all very natural in front of the camera.  They now have a memory from their holiday to keep in photos.


At the Beach with Jay Doherty

An unplanned trip to Lisfannon, county Donegal, with a great bunch of people and the Fantastic Jay Doherty. Loved it. A mini workshop on portraits and evening flash work. love Jays attitude and his easy way of teaching… He loves what he does and even better he loves showing others what he loves.. Thank you to the two models Niomi and Shauna, two gorgeous easy to work with girls. Hope you like the results. xxx Jay Doherty Photography

Studio With Mark Hamill

Practice, practicE, practice !!!  From some recent training days with a great group of photographers in the studio and on location at Beechill Hotel in Derry.  I love to get together with other photographers to see their styles and how they shoot compared to myself.  We had the gorgeous Lauren in Mark Hamills studio early on in the spring and the gorgeous Daniel and Michaela in the Beechill Country House few weeks later.  The AMAZING car was driven by Bear Gamble and added a touch of class to the shoot.


Ellas First Communion

Recently I had the pleasure of taking the Beautiful Ella on her First Communion in the grounds of The Beechill Hotel, Derry.  We had a walk through the grounds and little sister Isla wanted to play and run in the wet grass.  I think you will agree they looked so happy with Mum and Dad.  We managed to get some great shots before the rain came down. Congratulations Ella!!!

Maureen Mc Ghees Exhibition

When I was asked to capture Maureen McGhees Exhibition I did not hesitate.  I knew her work would be first class and give me some amazing shots.  She did not disapoint. Her work was professional and artistic and the finish on each piece is top class.  Each piece holds a story, a part of her life that she has shared with us.  the room was calm and peaceful, to quote one of the other artists at the Warehouse Gallery, it has a Zen like quality…. wood and silver perfectly blended to create the most exquisite pieces.   The Gallery is perfectly placed in The Warehouse Guildhall Square, Derry. Maureen is also a membe of Number Nineteen Craft and Design in the Craft Village in Derry.

Dermot & Traceys pre Wedding Shoot.

When your best friend asks you to Photograph his engagement, you jump at the chance.  The lady asked and he said yes, eventually.  yes he was silenced, Tracey is the only person I know ever who has done that.  I can wait to shoot their wedding in March 2017.  Congratulations to a beautiful couple. xxx

Isla’s Christening

The beautiful Isla was Christened recently with her family all invited.  The service was held in the ornate St Columba’s Church,  Longtower, Derry with tea and goodies in the newly opened Cherry Blossom cafe in The Heritage Centre in the church grounds.

Family gatherings are always a special time and a great time to get those much wanted family portraits.

The generations gathered for this special occasion and it was great to be part of the event.

Marie xx

Floral Beauty

Sometimes we need to move away from the things we do everyday.  I love taking photos of people and events, but sometimes I just like to be creative and capture nature.  I love flowers, the delicate petals and the way light reflects off them.  Just a simple spray with water can transform a flower, creating reflective surface which give the delicate petals a different dimension.  Finding a distraction in your everyday life makes your daily routine easier.  why not give it a go!!

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