The Harkin Family Shoot

The Harkin Family Shoot

Taking photographs always throws up some unexpected situations, which I love as it keeps me on my toes.  On a Gorgeous July evening I was at Fahan Pier, with the highest tide I have ever seen there, and Mario taking some shots of my niece. We arrived and took some portrait shots with Molly and her mum, my sis, did her usual chat away to anyone thing.  so next thing I know I am taking photos of a family who had just come to have a walk on the beach.  My sister started chatting to the Dad and in the converstion realised he had lived beside her husband for years and knew them very well.  He had moved away to America and had brought his family back to Ireland for a holiday.  What were the chances of them being both there that night.  I do believe in fate and of course it ended up in a mini shoot with them, after a long chat.

A beautiful family to talk to and photograph, all very natural in front of the camera.  They now have a memory from their holiday to keep in photos.


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