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Marie Mc Grellis

As a creative person I always find it hard to write about myself, so I’m going to start with when I took my first photographs.  As a young student growing up in Derry we did not have camera phones so my first camera was a Zenit with a zoom lens and a wee simple 50mm, which I bought from my younger brother as realised it needed more work than he thought!  I took Photos of everything and waited patiently for the film to arrive back to the chemist the next week… I still have that camera!

Over the years I’ve had a lot of different types of  cameras and then I purchased my first digital camera, a Fugi finepix bridge camera. I now use Nikon!  With digital things changed and I decided this was what I wanted to do after working 22 years as a Designer.

I have always been creative, painting, drawing, sculpting, arts and crafts, cake making and flower arranging are just some of my pastimes, its hard choosing my favourite.  My other Passion is Encore Contemporary Choir, it is vibrant, lively and fun and gives me another chance to create memories with friends.

As a busy School photographer and mother of two I have a photographed a lot of children and I love there honesty and the expressions they have. Close, relaxed candid shots are my favourites!   Escaping to a studio or the outdoors to meet a client for a shoot is just one part of my work.  I love meeting new people, photographing them, editing, ordering prints and presenting their memories to them.mand d

I hope you enjoy looking through my work here.  If you have any questions or enquiries about a shoot please contact me by email.

Packages start from £60 for an hour session. Feel free to contact me for full price list.

Marie x

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